Personalized Treatment

Dr. Forbes approaches every case as a partnership with you. Dr. Forbes carefully explains the details of your case so you understand your bite. Sometimes the problem is simple and other times a single tooth issue maybe masking other problems.  Aside from his unparalleled pedigree, perhaps his greatest asset is that Dr. Forbes creates a conversation with you about your orthodontic needs in an informative way. The ability for you to participate in the discussion of the diagnosis brings an increased awareness of the dentofacial concerns and a truly unique team-approach model. The co-discovery diagnostic approach is a patient-centered means to predictably treat and recognize the underlying problems in everyday dentistry as well as the most complicated dentofacial dilemmas.

If needed, Dr. Forbes can assemble a team of specialists that best meets your concerns. At the heart of all treatment is fulfilling your wishes. Therefore, at the center of the diagnostic team is you and your family.