Our goal is to design the most comprehensive orthodontic treatment available anywhere, from a world class orthodontist.

Our staff includes the most dedicated and kindest people around, while our availability is designed to accommodate your schedule with Saturday and evening hours. Our office works with you to give you the beautiful smile you deserve and is centered around the patient experience, fun and laughter are encouraged when you visit our office; after all, we are all about smiles!

Many dentists offer orthodontic treatment, but only an orthodontist has had the extensive specialized training. To be certified as an orthodontist, a minimum of two years of full time, academic training at an American Dental Association accredited hospital or university is required. Typically, only dentists who have graduated in the top ten percent of their class are privileged with the opportunity for specialty training. During this training, the orthodontist is taught optimal movement of teeth practices and theory. After this highly specialized training and being granted a license through the state can an individual call themselves an “orthodontist”. A further mark of distinction is obtaining board certification. Only orthodontists that have undergone rigorous examination by the Board of the American Association of Orthodontists, the highest regulatory body in orthodontics, and successfully passed may designate that they are a Board Certified Orthodontist. Only 33% of ALL orthodontists have attained this prestigious recognition. Dr. Forbes has been certified by the state of Illinois as an orthodontist and is a Board Certified Orthodontist, through the American Association of Orthodontists.

“Orthodontics is an art and a science. I have wanted to be an orthodontist since the age of twelve when I saw how much fun my orthodontist was having. I have always been distinguished as an excellent artist and loved science as well. When I came home after a trip to my orthodontist, Dr. Gilbert, I declared to my mother that I had made up my mind. I want to be an orthodontist! My mother, thinking that I would change my decision many times during the next 6 years said ‘that’s nice’. As it turned out, I never veered. I am delighted that I didn’t. My backup profession was to be a medical illustrator. Recently, I realized that dream also. Throughout this website you will see some of my medical illustrations. This duality of skills, artist and scientist makes me uniquely qualified to craft an amazing smile.” –Dr. Forbes