As always, a great experience!

I’m in my 60’s and have braces and actually enjoy my appointments with Dr. Forbes and staff. Everyone is highly professional, and provides excellent personal attention to their patients. The team all love what they do, and it shows!

Dr. Forbes and his staff are friendly, professional and always caring and compassionate.  Always professional and fun!

This was our first visit to the office and it was a GREAT! Dr. Forbes is fantastic at explaining the current situation, what your options are, his experiences and recommendations. All in a way you can easily understand and by involving you in the process. I even put on a glove to feel the inside of my daughters gum/bone area. He is very knowledgable and has wonderful supportive visual aids for you to see what your discussing. He was also very good at including my kids in the discussion and education. His support staff was very friendly and caring. I highly recommend this office.

Doctor Forbes and his staff provide professional and efficient orthodontic services. I especially appreciate his collaborative approach with both my primary dental and periodontal providers. I highly recommend him for both adult and juvenile patients.

Completely phenomenal! All around this group is an A+++. When you walk in anywhere with three boys (16 to 8!) you are on eggshells. They handled them with ease, were very patient, understanding and took the time to explain everything (especially to the 8 year old!). The oldest is “special needs” and they treated him with kid-gloves and the utmost respect. Not a bad word to say during our first visit here…hoping to get my boys back (soon!).

From the polite text reminders regarding our appointment time to the coffee and cookies provided in the waiting room, Dr. Forbes’ office is managed with client service in mind and it goes beyond conveniences. When my teenage son, John, and I were driving in for his consultation appointment, traffic was so congested that at 6 pm my GPS was telling me we still had 30 minutes to go so we were not going to make it on time for our 6:15 appointment. I called Dr. Forbes’ office to let them know and asked whether they would still take us or whether we needed to reschedule. The response was overwhelmingly positive – they were more concerned about my stress than about us being 15 or 20 minutes late. Further, even though we were very late to our appointment, when Dr Forbes saw John he was not rushed in any way. Now to the heart of the matter; the fore-mentioned would just be irrelevant window-dressing if John’s exam did not go well, but Dr Forbes’ approach to John and his case was thorough, analytical and collaborative. He discussed the complexities of John’s case bringing us along by showing us X-rays, bite models and photos from studies. Having managed John’s treatment which includes two surgeries for over five years, I very much appreciate that Dr Forbes did not dictate what the next step should be but offered his expertise and knowledge of what the options are without any condescension or judgement. Also, John felt treated with compassion and respect; he has been through a lot so for him to even consider extending the timeline of treatment, not to mention putting braces back on, tells me that he trusts this doctor and John is quite discriminating in this area. John’s case is a puzzle best solved by collaboration among many people and I can tell from our interaction with Dr Forbes and his staff that they will be positive additions to our team, effectively working with us to bring John to the best possible outcome…I have already made our next appointment.

Everyone is very, very friendly and make you feel comfortable. All the processes and procedures were explained in great detail, so I always knew what to expect. The office is very clean and I love the music!! The staff all seem to love what they do!!!.

Wonderful experience every visit.

Excellent service, treatment and people.  Dr. Forbes and his staff are very wonderful people! I’ve been bringing my daughter there for about 4 years and every single time it’s been easy in, easy out with excellent care. Dr. Forbes is truly an expert in his field and so are his staff. They all obviously have had great schooling and training and really know what they’re doing. My daughter loves it there, too. The whole staff really gets to know all of their patients personally so you always feel right at home. He has even seen my daughter on his day off because of something that just couldn’t wait AND he’s given me some dental advise as well. I’d recommend Dr. Forbes to anyone who needs an orthodontist!! Heidi