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The Problem of Canines and Crowding During Early Development

27 Sep

The canines (the fangs) are the “rogues” during human tooth development. Canines as a tooth type have the longest eruption time (from 3 months to 11 years). The are two possibilities in which the canines can destroy the permanent incisors:   Sudden vertical growth of the face creates space above the maxillary incisors permitting the […]

Treatment of a Patient with Severe Crowding Needing Expansion

27 Sep

The photograph below demonstrates the result of insufficient bone to accommodate the correct eruption of the permanent teeth. As a result of a lack of sufficient space, teeth may surface randomly even if they are not located on the bony ridge. Previously this type of crowding would mandate extracting permanent teeth to place the teeth on the ridge […]

How Expanders Work

27 Sep

Severe crowding of teeth, is the result of the lack of bony arch to accommodate the permanent teeth as they erupt. If teeth lack space, they either become impacted or erupt off the arch. When teeth erupt off the arch they position themselves in a region of the gum that doesn’t protect the bone. This […]