Repair of Surgical Clefts of the Hard Palate in Beagles from the Surgical Cleft Repair

22 Sep

repair-of-surgical-cleftsThe biological response to the repair of palatal clefts has been evaluated principally by monitoring craniofacial growth. Little is known about the regenerative ability of the repaired palate. In the present study, 18 Beagle pups (51 to 58 days old) were assigned to one of three groups: (1) control group, having no surgery; (2) cleft group, having a surgically created cleft of the posterior hard palate (mean bony measurement: 3.1 x 11.7 mm) at 8 weeks of age; and (3) repaired group, same as group 2, and followed by soft-tissue closure at 12 weeks of age. Craniofacial growth was monitored by cephalometric and dental cast measurements. Records were taken at 6-week intervals. Animals were sacrificed either 16 or 28 weeks after time of cleft creation.

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